Origin: Great Britain

Classification: Heavy: Rare

Egg colour: Tinted

The Norfolk Grey was first introduced by Mr Myhill of Norwich under the ugly name of Black Marias. They were first shown at the 1920 Dairy Show and were mainly the result of a cross breed between silver birchen Game and duckwing Leghorns. They appear regularly at shows and are plentiful in their county of origin.

General characteristics:


Carriage: Fairly upright and very active.

Type: Body rather long, broad at shoulders. Full, round breast carried upwards. Large wings well tucked up. Well feathered tail.

Head: Skull fine. Beak short and well curved. Eyes large and bold. Comb single, upright, of medium size, well serrated and with a firm base. Face smooth and fi ne. Ear-lobes small and oval. Wattles long and fine.

Neck: Of medium length, abundantly covered with hackle.

Legs and feet: Fairly short and set well back. Shanks free from feathers. Toes, four, well spread.

Plumage: Close.


The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.


Male plumage: Neck, back, saddle, shoulder coverts and wing bars silver-white, the hackles with black striping, free from smuttiness. Remainder a solid black.

Female plumage: Hackle similar to that of the male. Remainder black, the throat very delicately laced with silver (about 5 cm (2 in.) only).

In both sexes: Beak horn. Eyes dark. Comb, face, ear-lobes and wattles red. Legs and feet black or slate-black, the former preferred.


Male 3.20–3.60 kg (7–8 lb)

Female 2.25–2.70 kg (5–6 lb)

Serious defects

White in lobes. Comb other than single or obstructing the sight. Legs other than black or slate-black. Feathers on shanks or feet. Lacing or shaftiness on back, breast, or wings of females.

Bantam Norfolk Grey bantams should follow exactly the large fowl standard.

Weights Male 900 g (32 oz) Female 680 g (24 oz)

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