Are Norfolk Greys worthwhile keeping and rearing?

Norfolk Greys make excellent table birds which develop well as the young fatten up quickly and the long deep breast provides plenty of white meat. As well as this, Norfolk Grey make good laying birds – laying over 200 eggs per year. The breed is a steadyand hardy breed meaning that they often tend toContinue reading “Are Norfolk Greys worthwhile keeping and rearing?”

Gallery of Norfolk Greys

KEY FACTS: Origin: Norfolk Sizes: Large and bantam (bantam extremely rare) Classification: Rare Soft Feather heavy KEY CHARACTERISTICS: • The body should be rather long, broad at shoulders. Full, round breast carried upwards. Large wings well tucked up. Well feathered tail. • Skull should be fine. Beak short and well curved. Dark eyes large andContinue reading “Gallery of Norfolk Greys”