Gallery of Norfolk Greys


Origin: Norfolk

Sizes: Large and bantam (bantam extremely rare)

Classification: Rare Soft Feather heavy


• The body should be rather long, broad at shoulders. Full, round breast carried upwards. Large wings well tucked up. Well feathered tail.

• Skull should be fine. Beak short and well curved. Dark eyes large and bold. Comb single, upright, of medium size, well serrated and with a firm base. Face smooth and fine. Ear-lobes small and oval. Wattles long and fine. The neck of medium length, abundantly covered by hackle.

• The neck, back, saddle, shoulder coverts and wing bars of the male should be silver-white; hackles with black striping. Free from smuttiness. Remainder a solid black.

• The hackle of the female similar to that of the male. Remainder black. The throat very delicately laced with silver (about 5 cm (2 in.) only).

• In both sexes the beak should be horn. Comb, face, ear-lobes and wattles red. Legs and feet black or slate-black, the former preferred.

• The Plumage should be close.

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